Using Automatic Shutdown of Remote PCs Across Network - Tips & Advice

This site is a collection of articles and tips about using automatic shutdown systems in local networks. Automatic shutdown software is aimed to reduce an overall power consumption and energy wasting by automatic turning network PCs off at non-business hours.

Following articles can help you to understand basics of an automatic shutdown, they provide an overview of tools and utilities that can be used for remote shutdown and explain how to automate PCs shutdown across entire organization.

How to Make an Automatic Shutdown of Remote Computers

Every modern Windows PC connected to a local network can be managed remotely. Network administrators can reboot and shut down individual PCs remotely, but they also can manage multiple PCs from the central location. It allows companies and organizations to organize an automatic shutdown of network PCs at nights and on weekends to reduce energy wasting and cut energy costs. There are a number of tools and technologies that can be used for automatic PCs shutdown across organizations, their main features, advantages and limitations are overviewed in this article. More

How to Schedule an Automatic Shutdown of Remote PCs

Scheduling of remote PCs shutdown operations is an important functionality of any PC power management solution that should be used to manage computers across entire company and organization. Shutdown scheduler guarantees that operations will be executed at right time, as planned. Different power management solutions provide a different level of scheduling functionality - from very basic to advanced. All of them are reviewed in a course of this article. More

Benefits of Using Automatic PCs Shutdown Across Organization

Computer power management is an effective instrument that instantly delivers energy saving instantly and helps to meet increased corporate sustainability requirements by reducing carbon emission. PC power management software can cut your energy bill from $20 to $70 per computer per year by automatic shutdown of PCs that aren't in use. Lowering computer usage reduces system wear and tear, which lowers repair and replacement costs. More